The History of Whoo : Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence 2021 Special Edition
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Brand The History of Whoo
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Revolving around the concept of providing self-care and self-regeneration beauty remedies for women, The History of Whoo re-interpreted the traditional beauty formulas used by empresses from the Eastern Royal Courts and through modern technologies, developed various skincare and makeup lines that are fit for a Queen. The History of Whoo places strong emphasis on the use of premium eastern medicinal herbal ingredients in patented and signature herbal complexes that enables skin cell self-regeneration for powerful and effective anti- aging benefits with highly valuable, natural herbal tonics for the skin encapsulated in the most luxurious of textures and scents.

What is in the box

  • Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence - 130ml
  • Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Balancer (Sample) - 20ml
  • Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Emultion (Sample) - 20ml
  • Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Brightening Foam Cleanser - 13ml
  • Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+/PA++++ (Sample) - 25ml

A basic moisture care anti-aging essence that boosts circulation and purifying effect of the skin to promote clear-looking, fully revitalized, and healthier skin condition


Features :

    • Reduces puffiness and excessive heat, and boosts up the vitality to promote healthier skin
    • Strengthens the circulation of essential energy and body fluid
    • Accelerates the skin circulations to improve aging sings, elasticity and moisturizing factors
    • Purifies inner layer of the skin in order to maintain optimal skin condition to help with better absorption of the next skincare products